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Sunday, December 26, 2010

The BEginning

As I was saying, this creative yearning has been wanting out for a long time -- actually a long, long time.  I recently made a few small steps -- bought a new camera, bought a new journal (added to my collection of about ten blank journals) -- no real steps.  After attending a short journaling retreat with life coach -- Sharon McWilliams, I began weekly coaching sessions.  I wanted to get myself organized, balanced and into a better "work" schedule before the upcoming tax season, but to my surprise, Wise Woman Sharon's gentle encouragement has been the most wonderful jump-start for my creative self.  It's as if she gave me permission to give myself permission to explore these creative yearnings.  The result -- an unleashing of a passel of little girl selves all with their own agenda for my creative time.  Let's take pictures -- after all we just bought a new camera!  What about our Philosophy blog we've been dreaming of for years?  Buy paints and canvases -- remember how we used to love to paint?  The journaling -- we have so many beautiful journals and so many stories to write.

I started my Philosophy blog, Neglected Seeds.  I took an e-course from Kim Klassen on photo texture with Photoshop Elements. And I'm so excited with all the possibilities ahead!


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